Coupons to All of Our Courses

As many of you ask for coupons for our courses. Here is the list of coupons to get any of our Python courses at a discounted price.

Before we start, here is a gift for you; join the first course for free.

FREE: Learn Web Scraping from Scratch

Join Web Scraping 101 for FREE

Scrapy: Powerful Web Scraping & Crawling with Python


Web Scraping with Python: BeautifulSoup, Requests & Selenium

REST API: Data Extraction with Python – without Web Scraping


NLTK: Build Document Classifier & Spell Checker with Python


Word2Vec: Build Semantic Recommender System with TensorFlow


Chatbot Building: Rasa, DialogFlow & WIT.AI Bots with Python


Chatbot Building: DialogFlow & Wit.AI Chatbots with Node.JS


Project Management Office (PMO) Setup Guide



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